Dyna-Mac embraces fair employment and practices and aims to become an employer of choice. We recruit, retain and motivated valued employees and optimize their potential and capabilities for their personal development and also to contribute to the growth of the Group.

We aim to create a work culture where all employees take a shared responsibility for the delivery of our business goals. To achieve sustainable growth for the Group and create value for all employees, our people strategy focuses on several core areas:

  • Embrace diversity, fostering a harmonious and inclusive work environment for our diverse workforce
  • Enhance the skills and capabilities of our workforce at all levels
  • Attract and retain talent

Human Resource Approach

Dyna-Mac adopts a holistic approach towards recruiting, developing and motivating valued employees, and aligning our workforce with our core values to influence behavior and meet business goals. We recruit and reward employees according to merit.

We abide by the practices set out in the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) to promote an inclusive workplace that is built on merit and progressive human resource practices.

Developing a Skilled Workforce

Learning helps our employees develop, increase their skills and abilities to take on bigger challenges and responsibilities. Learning is essential to our success, allowing us to be equipped with knowledge and skills to face future challenges, re-skill our workforce and grow the capabilities of our people.

Dyna-Mac has a systematic training and career development plan to help employees at all levels enhance their leadership and general business skills including technical and soft skills through programmes by our in-house Training Centre as well as external courses.

Electrical Training for Operation

Employee Engagement

Dyna Mac Family Day 2014

We engage our staff through a host of activities like Family Day, charity walkathon throughout the year. Employees are awarded and recognized at our annual Dinner and Dance for their long service and dedication to the company. To pledge our support for Total Defence on SAF Day, employees who were NS-men came together for an observance parade and rededication ceremony.