Dyna-Mac is committed to ensuring an excellent safety and health culture among all at all times.

To achieve this, we strive to provide a safe and conducive work environment for our employees, customers and subcontractors by instilling a culture of pro-active individual involvement, personal accountability and continuous improvement.

As part of Dyna-Mac's continuous drive towards Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) excellence, the Group's yards continually benchmark themselves against leading international safety standards and best practices. Our Singapore yards in Singapore are certified to OHSAS 18001: 2007, an internationally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management systems which uses the plan, do, check, act methodology (pdca). It exists to help organizations put in place demonstrably sound occupational health and safety performance. In addition, our yards are also certified ISO/TS 29001 : 2007 by ABS Quality Evaluations.

Dyna-Mac's quality systems and procedures are well established and fine-tuned to meet the most stringent requirements of the Offshore Product Quality Specifications and Standards. We ensure this by conducting regular quality training programmes for staff and field personnel alike, so as to ensure that everyone has a complete grasp of our internal quality systems and procedures. For our on-going efforts, Dyna-Mac has been accredited by ABS Quality Evaluations Inc with ISO 9001:2008.

Structured and Robust Approach to Safety

Committed to sustainable improvements in workplace safety and health standards (WSH) and performance, Dyna-Mac subscribes to the national WSH 2018 vision and strategy co-drafted by the WSH Council and the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. To achieve this, the Group has in place a framework comprising 3 strategic thrusts, supported by an annual work plan to manage key safety risks. To foster ownership at the ground level, safety inspections and campaigns are regularly organized by the key management staff from various departments.

To reinforce the OSH management system, the 15 Life Saving Rules (LSR) has been implemented. LSR targets on adaptation and behaviors of workers and supervisors in the workplace by raising awareness of hazardous activities and encourage individuals to protect themselves and others by active participation and intervention. Compliance with these rules is mandatory while working in DM premises.

Occupational Health

In addition to a safe environment, we also aim to protect and promote the health of our workforce. Workers have to undergo regular health checks and be certified fit before they can take up strenuous work.

The establishment of the Approved Medical Clinic (previously a First Aid Centre) in September 2014 is part of our Health Improvement and Conservation Programme. The Medical Centre now has an in-house doctor, qualified to handle occupational health and related issues. In addition, the medical clinic is equipped to handle extended medical services like medical check-ups for workers for work permit renewals, to perform minor surgical procedures as well as to provide general medical consultations to the yards' workforce.

Medical services are facilitated by a Qualified Medical Practitioner

Driving Policy within Workplace

It is the policy of the Company that all vehicles at the workplace must be operated safely so as not to endanger the safety of other vehicle users and pedestrians within Dyna-Mac premises.

All vehicles are to be inspected and checked to ensure fitness for usage in the areas designated. Also the loads are to be secured and not to exceed manufacturer's design specifications or legal limits for the vehicle. The drivers/operators for the vehicle(s) must be trained, certified and medically fit to operate the class of vehicle. The speed limit of 15 km/hr must strictly be complied with due diligence.

Security and Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness - Fire Drill

Compliant to the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Port) Regulations, Dyna-Mac's yards mitigate the risk of security threats and maintain high levels of vigilance.

The yards also emphasize a lot on emergency response, an important aspect of the Group's business continuity management. HSE department have in-house emergency response team (ERT) to react and response to any emergencies in the yard. Periodic table top exercises and emergency training are conducted regularly to ensure that all personnel are familiar with their roles and responsibilities during times of real emergency. To further enhance the competency and capabilities of the emergency response team, Dyna-Mac also sent employees for external courses periodically. All this initiatives brings about Dyna-Mac's top management commitment towards safety.

Environmental Protection

At the Dyna-Mac Group, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and nurturing a culture of environmental consciousness among our employees, our partners, our clients and the local communities.

Our yards have an Environmental System and are working towards achieving ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards. We are actively seeking to develop technologies to reduce our environmental impact across the value chain and across our yards in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Emergency Preparedness - Fire Drill